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Topsec partners with the SNCF to install its vending machines

Topsec partners with the SNCF to install its vending machines

Topsec is taking a new strategic direction and partnering with the SNCF to install its multi-sports vending machines in SNCF stations. The first machines have been installed in Gare de Lyon, hall 2 and will soon be installed in the SNCF stations of Grenoble, Valence, Lorraine TGV, Le Mans, Poitiers and Toulon.

A common objective between Topsec and the SNCF: to offer a complete service close to users

Many SNCF stations now offer shopping arcades so that users can shop for food, drinks and other items to keep them occupied during their journey or their holidays.

Our vending machines are real automated shops and this is the strength of our concept. They are composed of a window and merchandising adapted to the regulations, the seasonality or the activities of the users, and offer multiple possibilities of implantation according to the needs of the customers.

With this in mind, Topsec decided to expand its territory and innovate by locating its automated shops not only near sports venues, but also in high-traffic areas in order to attract a new and broader clientele of sports enthusiasts.

The partnership with the SNCF is the logical continuation of this thinking: to join forces with leaders in their fields in order to offer the best local service to travellers. With its sports equipment vending machine, Topsec demonstrates the flexibility of its concept, which allows it to adapt to new needs in terms of sports equipment and to the challenges of machine location.

A new multi-sport vending machine

Thanks to our multi-sport vending machine, users can equip themselves to practice their sports activities on holiday. Whether it's swimming, fitness, weight training or skating, and from textiles to accessories, every user, man or woman, can find the product they need.

We would like to thank the SNCF for choosing us and trusting us with this new concept in seven major stations in France. We are very proud of this new partnership which marks a strategic and significant shift in our development.