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New hygiene measures and mandatatory swimming caps

New hygiene measures and mandatatory swimming caps

Since the Covid 19 about 100 swimming pools in France have already been switched to mandatory swimming caps and this trend is expected to increase with the new regulations.

What are the benefits of the swimming cap for your swimming pool?

The main reason for the mandatory swimming cap is of course the maintenance of the hygiene of the pools, the health and their well-being of the customers.

Beyond the ultra unpleasant aspect of finding other people's hair while swimming, hair lost in the pools of aquatic centers can block filters and thus limit their effectiveness.

In addition, there are many pollutants in the hair. Thus, chlorineby destroying this waste forms in chloramines can hit sensitive skin.
The bathing cap is therefore an effective solution for cleaner and healthier water.

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Finally, the bathing cap offers benefits from an environmental point of view by improving water filtration consumption and the use of treatment products are reduced.

However, contrary to some conventional wisdom, they do not allow to gain in aerodynamics. It is said that it optimizes performance only because it prevents hair from going into the eyes! ! Above all, they are excellents ways for teams, swimmers and establishments to identify themselves by displaying their names, logos or even their nationalities.. *

Our solutions

• Swind Express vending machines:

We can adapt the configuration of our vending machines to suit your regulations. If you switch to mandatory bathing caps, we will prioritize this category of products so your users can find what they need.

They will find a variety of swimming caps in different materials depending on their preferences with a small budget: Silicone, coated mesh,, fabric and latex.

• Order custom bathing caps:

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Use the bathing caps to display your partners and/or your club!
Topsec offers several alternatives to order them:

- BY MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- ON SWIND CUSTOM: our new website of custom swimcaps online.

Our logistics services and processes have been modernized to meet a growing demand for logo bathing caps:


    Personalize your bathing caps directly online by choosing every detail of their designs, and with affordable prices..


    There are several choices based on your needs:
    The choice of a material: silicone 33g, 51g, coated mesh, fabric
    The choice of colour: choice varies depending on the material chosen
    • The choice of logos: up to four logos


Beyond this new online customization service,we offer you the best quality print and ink for your logos and pictures, even the most detailed. They will be beautiful memories for your participants or members!

  • FAST

    We guarantee you a quick delivery of your order, 4 weeks depending on the quantities requested (200 minimum), following the validation of your quote.

Don't wait if you want to have them for the start of the school year!

Check out our Swind Custom website: www.swindcustom.fr

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