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Topsec rolls out sportswear vending machines

Topsec rolls out sportswear vending machines

After the swimming pool and the ice rink, Topsec is diversifying to take advantage of the new sports trends: fitness, bodybuilding and padel. These new sports equipment vending machines are already established in France and Spain with the Fitfine brand.

Fitfine: our new brand of sporting goods

The objective of the Topsec vending machines is to provide a complementary and local service to users in the practices places. Just as in swimming pools and ice rinks, Topsec has identified a need for a service linked to their regulations, such as the mandatory towel and lock.

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 Find out more about our concept of vending machines.

This is why we have created our own brand of sports, fitness and padel products: Fitfine. A complete range of sports and bodybuilding articles and accessories at affordable prices. The aim is to offer all the equipment that is essential to practice. In case they forget, sportsmen and women will still be able to do their fitness, bodybuilding or padel sessions.
In order to complete the current Fitfine range and to always offer quality products, Topsec has joined forces with several major sports brands: Tiguar, Dim Sport, Shock absorber, Champion and Bullpadel.

Discover our sportswear brand FITFINE.

The installation of our vending machines in Europe

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After a successful test phase in about 20 Fitness Park gyms in France, Topsec has just installed more than 50 additional vending machines in this franchise. This is a first step in our deployment in Fitness Park gyms in France in association with a major partner.

In Spain, aquatic centres very often offer multi-sport activities. This is why there was an immediate need for sports and fitness equipment to meet the needs of all users.
Once again, we have teamed up with major partners such as the Forus Group, GoFit and BeOne to install more than fifty fitness equipment vending machines.
As far as the Benelux is concerned, negotiations are underway to join forces with large groups as well. You will tell you more very soon!

We would like to thank all our partners who are already following us in this new Fitness adventure for the total confidence they have in us.